Ibn Khaldun Scholarship

Ibn Khaldun Master Scholarship Program in cooperation with Gerda Henkel Foundation for Iraqi social sciences and humanities

The DAAD has established the Ibn Khaldun Scholarship Program with the aim of promoting Iraqi humanities and social sciences. Having faced challenges and gained experience in the past two years, DAAD decided to reshape the program format and offer an extended period of preparation. The honourable private Gerda Henkel Foundation, which promotes research projects in the humanities with special focus on historical sciences, now cooperates with DAAD allowing future scholars to take up additional time of language as well as academic training. The Ibn Khaldun scholarship students will be regarded as both DAAD and Gerda Henkel Foundation alumni and benefit from offers and events on both sides.

Included within the range of social sciences and humanities are Fine Arts. Applications from Economics and Law are eligible, provided they connect to the humanities or social sciences respectively.Students who wish to pursue other subjects, such as Business Administration, Accounting, General Law, Engineering, Information Science, Medicine and Natural Science, are not eligible for funding through this programme.

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A new call for applications will be launched in spring/ summer 2014. We will inform you about any new calls or deadlines on this website!